The First Look - Is it right for you?

A "First Look" for those who are new to the term, simply means you see each other before the ceremony.

Are you undecided? Figuring out if a first look is right for you can be a daunting task! Traditionally, couples will not see each other until the actual ceremony, but it is becoming more and more popular for couples to do a first look. It is one topic that is highly talked about! Never ever will I force a first look upon my couples. It is ultimately your decision. I am just here to help you make your decision and point a few things out that you might not have thought about!

I, for one, am a SUCKER for a good first look!! Seeing his reaction to you in your dress for the first time literally gets the waterworks started for me, every. single. time.


NUMBER 1 - You get all the photos done BEFORE the ceremony.

When you see each other before the ceremony, you have the opportunity to get all your portraits out of the way before the main events start. There's bridal party, bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, couple photos as well as your own portaits! Being able to do all these things prior to the ceremony will free up your cocktail hour! Meaning? you. get. eat. all. the. food. enough said, right?

If that wasn't enough, keep reading.

It Calms the Nerves

Some people get very nervous thinking about having to stand up in front of all their friends and family with all the attention on them. When you are able to see your other half before the ceremony, those nerves tend to dwindle away. I've literally seen a bride go from jittery and clammy from nerves to relaxed and excited just by seeing her fiance!

You can enjoy your Cocktail Hour

When doing a First Look, you can get almost all the photos out of the way before the ceremony! This gives you time to relax and enjoy and the delicious food with your guests! We will be able to knock out Full Bridal Party Portraits, Family Photos, and some Bride + Groom portraits all before you say I Do!

You can have that sunset ceremony you've been dreaming of

So many brides want that gorgeous sunset lit ceremony they've seen on Pinterest. When we are able to get all the Portraits done before the ceremony, it gives you more flexibility to plan your ceremony at the time you would like, without compromising natural light for Portraits.

Being able to freshen up before the ceremony

Are you a cryer? If you are, you'll be able retouch make-up, and freshen up before you walk down the Ceremony.

You'll have privacy

There aren't many moments during the wedding day that you two will have to yourself. You two will have a moment alone, together, with no one else. This time will be yours, and yours alone.

More Portrait Time

You will have more time. Period. When we are limited to doing all the portraits during cocktail hour, that usually gives us roughly an hour, verses two hours before the ceremony!

Winter Weddings

When having a wedding in the winter, the sun sets MUCH earlier! You'll be able to have all your Portraits done during sunlight hours, and have some more flexibility in your timeline.

At the end of the day, it is up to the two of you and what you both want. Not me. Not your parents. You. I hope this helps you in making your decision!

Are you interested in having me capture your wedding day? 


Wedding Collections begin at $3,800 and include a complimentary engagement session, high-resolution images, edited digital images displayed in an online gallery, and a beautiful custom engraved USB in an heirloom box. Now booking 2021 + 2022! To get on my calendar right away, you can contact me by emailing me directly at, or by using my website contact form, which goes straight to my inbox!


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